Acea Spa

Among the most important Italian public utilities, ACEA is an industrial Group which focuses on the consolidation and creation of value from its two main activities, energy and water. Stock market listed since 1999 (51% Rome City Council), it deals with the management of energy, environmental and water services: the production, sale and distribution of energy, the development of renewable sources, the disposal and creation of energy from waste, the public and artistic lighting, and an integrated water service (aqueducts, sewerage and purification). It employs about 7,000 employees and serves several millions of customers, with a turnover of more than € 3.5 billion.

Over the years ACEA has always shown sensitivity to technological innovation, considered essential for the proper management of a critical infrastructure, also taking into account that ACEA serves the capital of Italy and many sensitive users. With this project ACEA is targeting an infrastructure improvement, increasing service continuity and preventing risks through predictive evaluations and assessments of alternative scenarios.

Finally, ACEA is working since last year with the Government Homeland Security bodies in order to become a Case Study for a programme targeted to the Critical Infrastructure protection.