Epistematica Srl is a company operating in the market of IT Services and Software Applications since 2006. Epistematica is an innovative SME that invests most of its income in research. Epistematica's field of interest is the design of knowledge-based system for industrial applications. Epistematica has specific expertise in the use of technologies for knowledge representation and reasoning. In this area, Epistematica has advanced competencies in Description Logics and Description Logics Reasoners. Epistematica offers innovative services and products to design and implement original solutions that offer value and several advantages compared with traditional applications based on syntactic technologies.

In recent years, Epistematica has focused on providing knowledge-based systems for the space industry, with the aim of providing easier data integration, correlation and access to EO data by non-expert users. Epistematica has been so far involved in five ESA projects: each project has been a step forward in the direction of adopting ontology-based systems and reasoners to make the discovery and retrieval of EO resources easier for end-users.