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WP1: Project Administration and Coordination


The objective of WP1 is the overall administration and coordination of the PANOPTESEC project. IMT is responsible for this work package as project coordinator, with a significant contribution from RHEA as technical project manager.

Description of Work and Role of Partners

This WP will provide the EC with continuing insight into the conduct and progress of work carried out under the terms of contract. Overall, it will ensure that the approach establishes project control while at the same time maintaining flexibility.

The project coordination role provides overall support in the general internal management and conduct of the project, namely:

The Project Coordinator is responsible for task monitoring; cost and schedule control; presentation of status to consortium members and the EC; and managing the delivery of these services in accordance with the contract, the project documented procedures and industry-standard best practices.

The Project Coordinator will:

Constant monitoring and diligent management will be required by the Project Coordinator to ensure that the project schedule is maintained and that potential issues are identified and addressed before they become a problem.

The Technical Project Manager will:

The Technical Project Manager is responsible to review the results produced by various consortium participants to ensure that document quality and content targets are achieved. The RHEA senior management will support the Technical Project Manager by ensuring that all resources necessary for completion of the work are available for ensuring client satisfaction, and for monitoring costs.

Task 1.1 Project Administration and Coordination (Month 1 - 36)

Project management ensures the success of the project and consists of ensuring that the overall administrative, financial and communication requirements of the EC are met.

The Task features the following activities: