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WP3: Architecture


The objective of this work package is to refine the architecture presented in the proposal to select specific technologies as appropriate to meet the identified requirements from WP2. The architecture refinement is an iterative process to elaborate the architecture as requirements are identified. It ensures overall consistency of architectural approach across component deliverables. The result of this work package is the System High-Level design (D3.1.2) to be used as the guiding architectural document for other RTD WPs.

RHEA is responsible for this work package.

Description of Work and Role of Partners

Task 3.1 - System Architecture Development (Month 1 - 12)

The goal of this task is to develop the system high-level design including identification and selection of underlying software architectural technologies (e.g., web server, database), applicable standards (e.g., selection of Web Services standards), and interface specifications for the embedded software components comprising the PANOPTESEC system. This task will also involve the specification of the data model required to support the embedded software components of the PANOPTESEC system.

The task will include selection of suitable state-of-the-art software frameworks and modelling methods particularly suited to this project and serve as the foundation for the Integration Framework (WP7) including:

The architecture must be developed to accommodate both the ACEA-specific needs and more general requirements of other sectors (e.g., banking and financial services, large enterprises, SMEs, government, service providers, cloud providers and mobile providers). To the maximum extent possible, the system will be designed to serve the widest set of sectors. Where feasible, ACEA-specific needs within the PANOPTESEC system will be addressed through configuration files. However, it is recognized that some ACEA-specific software may be required (e.g., sensor interface software supporting SCADA systems).

A report deliverable (D3.1.1) will capture the preliminary results of the architecture activities in preparation for Milestone 2 (Preliminary Design Review). The system high-level design will be refined (D3.1b) to keep current with the results of WP-specific analysis tasks (Tasks 4.1, 5.1, and 6.1) in preparation for Milestone 3 (Critical Design Review).

Responsible: RHEA; Participants: RHEA, ALBLF, EPIST, CIS-UROME, IMT, SUPELEC