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WP8: Dissemination and Demonstration


This work package will maximize the outcomes of the PANOPTESEC project through effective dissemination activities. This involves development of the Dissemination and Exploitation Plan, coordinating the contributions to publications, conducting workshops, and supporting the public website. In support of the final operational workshop, this work package also involves preparation for and integration of the Demonstration System Prototype (WP7) into the ACEA operational networks.

ACEA is responsible for this work package.

Description of Work and Role of Partners

Task 8.1 - Information Dissemination (Month 1 - 36)

This task will disseminate relevant project outcomes to the cyber security research and development community, relevant user communities, the EC, and the general public. This includes the following activities:

Two report deliverables will be prepared, one to capture the results of dissemination activities (D8.1.3) and the other to capture the results of exploitation activities (D8.1.4).

Responsible: RHEA; Participants: all

Task 8.2 - Demonstration Setup (Month 21 - 36)

The goal of this task is to conduct all activities needed to prepare for the operational workshop to be held as the final dissemination activity. The task involves:

Responsible: ACEA; Participants: RHEA, ALBLF, EPIST, ACEA